Friday, April 19, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 134

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Ah, go fly a kite: Senior physics major Russel Garman takes advantage of a warm and breezy spring day to fly a kite at the intramural field behind Wendy's along Cullen Boulevard on Thursday.


In November, the battle between Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales to become the first Hispanic governor of Texas gave rise to controversial issues regarding Hispanics, and everyone witnessed the divide of the Hispanic vote.

Crimes of slavery and indentured servitude have been committed against various groups of people since Biblical times. Though it has been done to everyone from the Irish to the Africans to the East Indians to the American Indians to the Jews, that doesn't make it right. The fact of the matter is simple: Slavery, segregation, indentured servitude and other various forms of repression are wrong and the victims' descendants should receive reputations.

What with Barbet Schroeder's directing effort and Sandra Bullock's different approach to portraying female characters, Murder by Numbers is a worthy film, but there are two aspects that, if avoided, could have made the crime thriller better.

The No. 4-seeded UH women's tennis team defeated No. 13 seed Charlotte in the first round of the Conference USA championships Thursday. The Cougars took down the 49ers 4-3. Two three-set victories helped propel the Cougars past Charlotte and into the second round of the Conference USA championships in Fort Worth.


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