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Letters to the Editor

The other side

To the editor:

I recently read a letter to the editor in which Josh Gottesman wrote about the Israelis' blocking media access
in Palestine ("An Explanation" Letters, Monday). 

It was nice of Gottesman to admit his pro-Israel stance, but I believe it was obvious to all readers. I am not
writing to bash Gottesman for his beliefs, for we are all entitled to our opinions. What I do want to do is relay
insight into the world of the Palestinians as told to me by a friend.

Don't believe everything you see on television. Go look for facts that back up what you see and hear so you can
make an informed decision. Do not believe what you are told.

The following are events as relayed to me by my friend: The mother of a long-time friend of his lives in
Bethlehem. During the recent invasion of that city, the Israelis conducted a door-to-door search for
terrorists. (We Americans have been told this by the media.) When the invasion began, her cousin, her cousin's
husband and their family went to her house to be with the only family they have in the city.

When the Israelis reached their door, they conducted their search, which included ransacking the residence and
dumping all of the food out on the floor. They took the oldest child, a 7-year-old boy, outside and interrogated
him. The Israeli soldiers took each of the adults into a back room and interrogated them. Afterwards, they
arrested the cousin's husband and took him away. He is now one of the (Israelis claim) 400 Palestinian men who
have been arrested for further interrogation. His crime? Not being at a residence at which he was a registered

There was no reason for the Israeli soldiers to dump all the food especially when it is difficult, to get food
in the area and even more so when there are children in the home. The soldiers said they were looking for
terrorists and supposedly have a list of the ones they want. Why arrest a man whose name is not on that list,
and leave two women and four children alone in a house with no food and no easy way to get food?

Do not believe everything that you see on the news. There are two sides to every story, and many people who
report are biased. 

The solution is that Israel should get out of Palestine and the Palestinians should crack down on terrorists and

Randall Little
senior, architecture

Another side

To the editor:

I am writing in defense of Ashley Clark, one of the other candidates for the editor in chief position of The Daily
Cougar (who was referred to in Monday's News article "SPC re-opens candidacy" and other Opinion columns
throughout the week).

Recently, your columnists and reporters have been speaking on the credentials that Keenan Singleton, the
managing editor, has, but no one seems to realize that other candidates may be just as qualified or more so
than he is.

I happen to know that Clark has written for seven newspapers, including The Daily Cougar, and she has been an
editor for six of them. She has been assistant managing editor, News editor, Entertainment editor, chief copy
editor, Features editor and photo editor of community newspapers, as well as school newspapers. She has won
several awards and scholarships for her dynamic writing.

I am appalled at the way The Daily Cougar has neglected to report this information. In none of the articles
about her was she interviewed, therefore she was never unable to defend herself. Students on campus have
only been informed of Singleton's success.

It saddens me The Daily Cougar cannot get past the Student Publication Committee's decision to reopen the
election. If Singleton were truly qualified for the position, the election would not have been reopened. If
Singleton is as qualified as his supporters say, there is no need to fill The Daily Cougar with negative opinions
about Clark.

In my opinion, the staff of The Daily Cougar must believe that Singleton is not qualified because they continue
to dwell negatively on an overly qualified candidate. I think the cartoons and columns should stop and whatever
is going to happen should happen as long as the election is fair. I don't care if the editor is purple, blue or
orange as long as he or she is 

qualified and able, and I think that Clark should definitely be 


Tramaine Scott
junior, finance/accounting

The best man

To the editor:

If hard work, dedication and integrity count for anything in the selection of the next editor in chief of The
Daily Cougar, Keenan Singleton should be the last candidate standing when the smoke clears after the special
meeting at 3 p.m., April 23.

That is not to disparage the qualifications or characters of other candidates. It highlights the fact that
Singleton has earned the opportunity to be the next editor in chief of the paper he has ably served for the last
three years.

Singleton epitomizes what a great university seeks to accomplish. He's prepared to enter the workforce as a
competent journalist because of his experience at The Daily Cougar. 

The position is a reward for slugging it out in the trenches and learning exactly what it takes to get the paper

The newsroom sails through a seething storm of information, deadlines and ethical decisions each day. The
editor in chief makes the tough decisions and keeps The Daily Cougar on course, ensuring that the news is
reported in a fair and impartial manner while keeping the campus informed and entertained. 

Singleton possesses three years of hands-on experience and knowledge concerning the operation of the paper.

He mastered each successive position required with a humor and flare few can match, assuming more
responsibility at each level.

To function best, the staff must have confidence in its leader. Everyone involved in the publication of the
paper holds Singleton in high regard because of his dedication and hard work. 

It's ironic that rules were broken so less qualified candidates could apply for the position a strange manner
of introduction for any candidate who seeks to lead a veteran staff well-schooled in ethics, the cornerstone of
responsible journalism.

It's amazing that the rules were suspended at the final regular meeting of the semester to keep this eminently
qualified man from being elected.

If sound judgment hasn't been tossed out the window with justice and replaced by witless posturing and
puffery, Keenan Singleton should be elected editor in chief.

Tom Carpenter
alumnus, Class of 2001

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