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'Cocky' Kid rocks Woodlands crowd with explosive show

By Shiley Carter
Daily Cougar Staff

America's favorite "Bad Ass" took the stage Friday night at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion to perform to an overflowing crowd of Kid Rock

Kid Rock's performance was the epitome of what one imagines from a "rock star." Complete with fire works, pyrotechnics, dancing strippers and
his name in big, bright lights above the stage, the rock performance little left to be desired.

Rock (born Robert James Ritchie) began his set with songs from his new album, Cocky, released in November 2001.

Moving quickly into popular songs "Devil Without a Cause" and "I am the Bullgod" off his 1998 release Devil Without a Cause, the
hick-turned-rock star had all the fans on their toes throughout his set.

At one point during the show, Rock even managed to pull out a rifle and (it appeared) he shot out three of the overhead lights.

His performance is nothing less than a child's dream of rock stardom: screaming fans, tons of money, the freedom to do anything one wishes
and, of course, we cannot forget the completely (well, partially) naked chicks.

Lighters flickered high above concertgoers' heads as Rock sang the well known "Only God Knows Why." He was also sure to satisfy his loyal
trashy fans' cravings with songs like "Cowboy" and "American Bad Ass." Rock let the crowd sing along to many of the songs.

To end his two-hour performance, Rock screamed out the much anticipated, "My name is Kiiiiidd ..." intro to the radio-familiar and infamous
song "Bawitdaba."

Sandwiched between the ear-friendly pieces the audience knew so well, Rock (who grew up listening to everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to David
Allen Coe to Run DMC) threw in a wide array of covers. 

He played country pieces, the intro to Dukes of Hazzard and even a Motown musical medley dedicated to his Detroit roots.

"Let the Good Times Roll" and "Cat Scratch Fever" were just a few of the songs one could catch pieces of in his Detroit conglomeration of sonic
sounds produced from within the city's limits.

Fans standing in the lawn section of the pavilion were forced to strain their senses a bit more than usual. The sound which is usually blaring
so loudly that fans can barely hear a screaming friend standing two feet away was tamed quite a bit. 

The large-screen monitors mounted high up gave a close-up view of the stars on stage to those in the lawn. From far enough away, the stars
may have looked like little dolls. 

The show as a whole was more than entertaining. It was like watching a modern-day Lynyrd Skynyrd put on a hard-core rock star show with a
die-hard mixture of diverse musical genres played to a sold-out venue. Put simply, it was unbelievable.

The tour continues throughout the country though at a much slower pace than usual. Kid Rock currently has custody of his son, which is
allowing him to play only three shows a week, when he would normally be playing five or six.

But it seems that the hard-core rocker is chosing to spend more time doing the father-son thing probably the most hard-core thing he could

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