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Singleton elected editor
Cougar News Staff

Managing Editor Keenan Singleton was elected as editor in chief of The Daily Cougar for the Summer and Fall 2002 semesters during a
specially called meeting of the Student Publications Committee on Tuesday in the University Center Underground's Mediterranean Room.
Singleton won five of eight votes cast.

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Daily Cougar Managing Editor Keenan Singleton discusses his qualifications before the Student Publications Committee and audience members during a specially called meeting Tuesday. Singleton was elected Cougar editor in chief for Summer and Fall 2002 by a 5-3 vote.

The vote followed a 20-minute closed-door session during which SPC members debated the qualifications of the three candidates: Singleton,
staff writer Kristin Buchanan and staff writer Ashley Clark.

The election was opened back up to candidates at the last SPC meeting April 12 when committee members said the public may not have
known potential applicants could have requested waivers for certain criteria. The committee's bylaws state that applications for Cougar editor in
chief for summer and fall semesters must be turned in by the first Friday in April.

As of April 5, only Singleton had submitted an application. Buchanan and Clark both turned in applications by the extended deadline, Thursday.

Buchanan, who has been on staff since Fall 2000, stated that, while she may not have section editor experience, she thought previous jobs
could have prepared her for the top job at the daily student newspaper.

"I've had a lot of experience babysitting," Buchanan quipped when describing her management experience. "I've worked at a day care center
before, so I've had hands-on experience."

Clark, who began contributing regularly to the News section this semester, told the committee that her experience at six other publications
proved she was qualified.

Clark said she thought there needed to be an improvement in editing. "If a story is presented to me or anyone who's an editor, I feel it's their duty
to call or confirm facts," she said. "Make sure they're the right facts. You can't just run things blindly."

Singleton, who has been on staff since Spring 1999 and an editor since Spring 2001, told the committee he thought the experience he garnered
as managing editor this semester prepared him to move into the editor in chief position.

"I have extensive knowledge of laying out dummy sheets," Singleton said. "I have extensive knowledge of working on the computer with Quark,
Photoshop. I have extensive knowledge of writing stories for every section. I know the inner workings of every department. I know how to make
the paper run."

Some discussion arose after committee members were given copies of a petition signed by 32 Daily Cougar staff members, including all nine
editors and various writers, photographers, columnists and cartoonists. The petition stated that all those on the list would resign immediately if
Singleton was not elected.

During a prepared statement read by Chief Copy Editor Ellen Simonson, the staff reiterated that it was not speaking against any candidate, but it
was showing it supported Singleton.

"We put our hearts and souls into this newspaper, and to see control of it given to one person when another more qualified person is available
is like telling us we'd worked this hard for nothing," the statement read. "In addition, we feel it would be unethical to work for an entity that would
make that decision."

During a 20-minute open forum, students addressed the committee with concerns about the candidates. Of the 12 students who spoke, 10
supported Singleton's candidacy.

Singleton will assume the editor in chief position after the last issue of the spring semester publishes April 30. The first summer issue
publishes May 29.

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