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Death to Bobo: Theater students protest the offense on good art

Curtain Call

Geronimo Rodriguez

Hoang Nguyen/The Daily Cougar

The entrance to the Lyndall Finley Wortham Theatre became a scene of "crime" as a display was set up to express theater students' desire for
good art.

Students of UH's theater department have bombarded the serene atmosphere of theater by blasting its practices of performing outdated
material, its dependence on one-minute monologues to determine if an actor is worthy of a role and even the work of William Shakespeare.

From listening to a cassette that accommodates a display of a cut-out named Bobo, it seems the students intend to bring to light the ways in
which local theaters have not provided material that would better reflect both aspiring actors and artistic themes in society thus committing
the crime of not accurately portraying art.

On Tuesday, Bobo, who serves as a symbol of the theater students' perception of art, was murdered. The mock crime scene, which is on
display in front of the theater department, included a chalk outline of Bobo, a few Polaroids and a crime report.

"It seems like whoever perpetrated this crime was out to get art and anybody who looks to do anything different," said one theater student at the
scene, acting the part of the disappointed artist.

Wanting to voice the reasons for these actions and thoughts on the crime that took place, students members of the Bobo revolution spoke
about the lack of creativity in local theaters.

"I am sick of performing in a space that cuts me off from the world in which I was born and learned to love this thing we call theater," another
student said. "I am sick of doing two one-minute monologues ... and being obliged to trust that whomever casts the show that in two minutes, he
or she was able to recognize ... the 10 people that would best prove worthy.

"Where are those people who simply want to practice theater, to express themselves as clearly or as abstractly as they desire, without feeling as
though you must prove yourself within a minute's time? But instead, are given the freedom of discovering all that you hold within you over a much
more lucid frame."

Students who wish to follow the "death of art" presentation may want to be at the theater department at 1 p.m. Wednesday and 12 p.m. Friday.

Last call

Amid the rehearsals, auditions, exams and work, most theater graduate students can't spare time to get to know one another. Most haven't even
the time to get involved with other facets that would benefit them and show appreciation for what their department has offered through the years.

To address this problem, the UH School of Theatre's newly formed Graduate Student Association presents the Graduate Student Showcase,
which will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 6 at the Jose Quintero Theatre Lab.

"We are inviting family, friends, people from around town and around the country," theater graduate and president of the Graduate Student
Association Elizabeth Elliott said. "It's all prepared work; everyone has been working on their pieces for about a month now.

"We'll be putting up scenes, performing a few monologues and even a couple of songs just to showcase the graduates' work," she said

Theater students formed the Graduate Student Association just this February. "(They) just decided that they wanted to be more active within the
department," Elliott said. "This way, we can have kind of a last hurrah before we leave the school."

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