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Library implements security software

By Kim Kelly
Daily Cougar Staff

In an effort to accommodate the UH community, the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library has installed a new software program that denies
computer access to all non-UH users.

Brian Viney/The Daily Cougar

Finance and marketing senior Brian Morales uses his Cougar 1Card to access one of the computer terminals in the M.D. Anderson
Memorial Library on Monday.

The decision to implement the software was made after the Presidential Task Force on Student Friendliness Report was published last spring. One of its findings was that "a small number of computers in the library should be accessible by the general public and those computers that are available only to the UH community should have a log-on system."

Jeffrey Bullington, coordinator of reference services, led the installation of the new software program, called "Cybrary N," on 100 of the 144
workstations available in the Electronic Publications Center area of the library.

"Students said they were concerned that they weren't getting the access to the resources they felt they should," said Bullington.

To access the terminals, students must first register the bar code number from the back of their Cougar 1Card at the circulation desk.
Students may also register online at http://info.lib.uh.edu and fill out the patron information form.

After this step has been completed, there is a 24-hour waiting period before students can gain access to the system. Once able to log on,
students must enter their name, bar code number and personal identification number. Students must also log off once they are finished
using the workstation.

Though the process may seem a bit inconvenient, many students welcome the protection the new software offers.

"I think it's actually really good because it's easier to get a computer now," said Fehmida Husain, a sophomore university studies student.

Installation of the software began the second day of the semester and was completed last Friday.

Rob Spragg, coordinator of distributed computing, helped launch the installation.

"So far, things are running smoothly," Spragg said.

But he added that there have been a few problems with the patron records, such as name misspellings.

"What might be on front of your Cougar 1Card might not be what the library has you registered as," Spragg said.

Students should inform the circulation desk of any problems they might encounter, he said.

For more information, visit the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library or call the information 

desk at (713) 743-1050.

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