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Welcome back (it's hotter)

The summer sessions at UH have begun, and once again there are actual people on campus. It's been eerie the past few weeks here, when squirrels have outnumbered people on campus (though it often appears they do all the time).

For those of us who work on campus, it's been strange to see the sidewalks empty, and the UC's eating areas nearly abandoned, even at
lunchtime. But now, things are back to something close to 


After a spring in which the weather, strangely, wasn't that hot, summer has come with a passion. Temperatures have soared, and the first two
summer storms (the second was a brief but drenching affair yesterday) have come, giving the area much-needed rain.

A year ago at this time, classes began much as they did yesterday. Then came Allison, wreaking havoc of the sort that Houston has rarely
seen. This summer will almost certainly be less eventful on the weather front (let's hope so anyway).

The biggest news at the University this summer may be construction. The campus, or large parts of it, are or will be under construction soon.
There are at least four major projects that will be happening.

Near the Quadrangle, the new Center for Students with DisABILITIES is moving along nicely. The foundation of the building is nearly
completed, and the building should take shape over the summer.

The Campus Recreation Center is moving faster than expected, and looks almost completed from the outside. There is still considerable work
to do on the inside, but it appears the building will be done by the anticipated date in Spring 2003.

Construction on the new library addition has begun. The formal groundbreaking was several weeks ago, and the trees are now being removed
from the site. Offices and part of the collection will be moved soon so that construction can begin.

A new science center on the west side of campus is finally going to become a reality. Plans were approved for the building.

The one site which should be under construction but still seems to not be going anywhere is the UC Satellite. Months after it should have been
completed, there seems to be little progress.

So watch out for construction sites on campus, and try not to worry about the inconvenience it may cause. Soon, it will all be over, and the
student body will have some beautiful new facilities for education and recreation.

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