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Wednesday, June 5, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 144



UH reflects on viable war

After reaching a near breaking point, tensions along the India-Pakistan border are beginning to ease, slightly dimming the possibility of a
nuclear war. Students and faculty on both sides of the conflict, are hopeful that through sincere dialogue and a commitment to honor
agreements the crisis can be defused and a lasting peace reached.

Allison's gone bit damage lingers on

It was a year ago that Tropical Storm Allison unleashed a fury of rain on Houston, wreaking havoc on the city and causing millions of dollars of
damages to campus. 

Nasa gives 7th graders sense of life in space

A group of 7th graders from the Knowledge is Power Program Academy will gain first-hand knowledge about life in space as part of "How to
Keep Your Groove On in Space" on Friday at the Texas Learning and Computation Center in Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall.

Albee and Berger receive honors from ATHE

Award-winning playwright Edward Albee and UH School of Theatre Director Sidney Berger will share the stage in San Diego in July when they
receive the highest awards presented by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education. 

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