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Allison's gone but damage lingers on

By Ashley Clark
The Daily Cougar

It was a year ago that Tropical Storm Allison unleashed a fury of rain on Houston, wreaking havoc on the city and causing millions of dollars of
damages to campus. 

Though the rains are long gone, the University is still in the midst of repairing two of the hardest-hit buildings, the University Center Satellite
and UH Law Center library.

"Allison caused the University $100 million in damages," said Dave Irvin, the associate vice chancellor and associate vice president of plant
operations. "That of course, does not include the amount in research and business."

Within 24 hours Allison had dropped 32 inches of rain causing $55 million worth of damage to the books in the law library and $35 million to
the building, last June.

"In order to ensure that the library can with stand another flood we moved the library from the basement," Irvin said. "The things that we placed
in the basement are things that can be quickly repaired if there was another flood."

The Satellite, which once housed Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and other eateries, was totally devastated when Allison blew through it and has not been
open for a year, but it is not expected to sit idle for another semester.

"We are anticipating a good portion to be up and running by the fall," Irvin said. "We expect the renovation for the food areas to be done by

According to Irvin, the Satellite, which was built in 1973, is going to be much better than it was before the flood.

"We added a Starbucks and we improved the layout in terms of getting students their food more quickly," Irvin said. "We upgraded the design by
adding different colors and I think that it makes it more exciting."

Aside from cosmetic differences, the Satellite is undergoing changes that will maintain its ability to withstand damage in case of another flood.

"We looked at relocating the Satellite, but it was too expensive," Irvin said. "In order to ensure that less damage occurs we included more
pumps that can handle water and auxiliary power in case the electricity goes out. We also created a sewer system that can handle water more
efficiently, better storm doors on the tunnel and we placed the electrical outlets higher."

According to Irvin, both the Satellite and the Law library are going to update the handicap access ramps that lead to their entrances to be within
the codes for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Fire codes for both buildings are also going to be updated.

The roofs of 10 other buildings, including Cullen Performance Hall, damaged during the flood are also being repaired this summer.

"After the flood we put up temporary roofs for all of those buildings, but now we are going back and repairing them as well as the minimal
damage they incurred," Irvin said.

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