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NASA gives 7th graders sense of life in space

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'N Sync's Lance Bass isn't the only teeny-bopper with an eye toward space.

A group of 7th graders from the Knowledge is Power Program Academy will gain first-hand knowledge about life in space as part of "How to
Keep Your Groove On in Space" on Friday at the Texas Learning and Computation Center in Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall.

The students will use candy to build an edible space station, try to navigate through a maze wearing inverted goggles that make things appear
to be upside down; throw balls at a target while wearing field-of-vision-altering goggles; and view a demonstration of a vest that monitors
electrical signals from muscles.

The event will feature presentations from the Universities Space Research Association's Division of Space Life Sciences, NASA's
Neuroscience Lab and the UH Department of Health and Human Performance.

Exhibits will include features on nutrition in space, "space food," how muscles and the nervous system are affected in low gravity and the
training that goes into adapting to life in space.

"There are lots of fun things for the kids to try, and really get a feel for what life in space is like for astronauts," said Charles Layne, organizer of
the event and associate professor in the department of health and human performance.

The event begins at noon and lasts through 4 p.m.

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