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Wednesday, June 5, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 144



Don't mess with Texas' facts

In the nine months since September 11, a new definition of "political correctness" has emerged. Whether you view so-called "pc-ism" as good
or bad is up to you, of course. Throughout this summer, I'd like to focus on how political correctness affects our society, taking a look at both the
good and the bad. Today, we'll start with the bad.

Everyone must be entertained

That's the reaction of a lot of Americans to the new and increased powers of surveillance the FBI has deigned to grant itself recently. These
new powers include the ability to snoop on the rest of us in our places of worship, on the Internet, and wherever else the American way of life is
threatened by evil people who have the nerve to not agree with everything said by the Bush administration.

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