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Play Ball

UH and UT will face one another in the second round of the NCAA regionals.

Who could have asked for anything more?

While the Longhorns think of our fine university to be nothing more than Cougar High, Cougar fans are sitting back like a hungry animal
watching its prey just before a quick pounce ends all anticipation, and leaves nothing but a shredded carcass.

Now this may be a bit drastic, but how many of us want to see orange jerseys celebrate on the mound after they defeat our very own Cougars.
Before we put the facts aside, let us look at the box scores and reflect on what a fine team head coach Rayner Noble has led this season. Like
diamonds in the rough, Chris Snyder, Jesse Crain and Brett Cooley all juniors combined to provide dominate efforts on the mound and at
the plate to earn our team the top spot in the Conference USA.

As for our Texas rivals, well, just look at them. UT boasts its long history when it comes to anything against UH. Let us have a show of hands
(you, in the orange, put your hand down) for those who feel that history is going to help UT when Cougar ace Brad Sullivan's four-seamer
streaks past those Longhorn jerseys.

What if we do even decide to succumb to our counterpart's string of successes throughout history? When the opposing team's fans fill the
bleachers with dirty orange,what are we, as fellow Cougars, to do?

First of all, when our pitcher toes the rubber, he should see and hear our school's support. A sea of red should flow onto the field and into fair
territory not just for the sake of letting our team know that we want to celebrate the beating of a long-standing rival, but to have a hand in our
history's growth.

As we shout for those wearing scarlet red and albino white, we are experiencing first-hand what it takes to give rise to a legendary school spirit,
the formidable kind that can be felt far before tip-off or, in this case, the first pitch.

Of course, we do celebrate what our predecessors have done between the lines, but we also know that, just like the UH experience, we don't
rest on past feats, but we work from the ground up for everything. 

And when the umpire shouts "Play ball" on Friday, not only does UH have the opportunity to create a sense of camaraderie, but we have a
chance to add another stone to our ever-growing history.

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