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Original Sinners fail with attempts to stray 
from trends

By Miriam Rouziek
The Daily Cougar

If I could describe Original Sinners' self-titled debut album in two words, they would be "chick" and "punk."

The Los Angeles punk band brings to the industry another girl band singing about stereotypical girly issues such as love, breakups and estranged relationships.

The album reeks heavily of influences from Hole, specifically Courtney Love's vocals.

Photo courtesy of Nitro Records

From left, the Original Sinners' Mat Young, Kim Chi, Exene Cervenka, Jason Edge and Sam Soto. They just released their self-titled debut album.

Lead singer Exene Cervenka could pass for Love's twin on vocals, but on the musical front, Cervenka brings more than just screams and loud guitars to the table the slow, drawling sounds of country and western. 

Cervenka's use of western elements is interesting, to say the least. I can't say that I've ever heard of a punk band using these elements in such a way, and I know why. Punk and country just don't mix.

One of the tracks, "Pretty" is almost, but not quite, an instrumental. It consists of a speed-punk melody and Cervenka screaming "pretty" every five seconds, which brings in the Courtney Love similarities.

The album isn't bad, but it isn't very good. I can't agree with the Courtney Love shtick, or the weird mix of country/western and punk rock, but the instrumental tracks are a good touch.

The major downfall of Original Sinners is Exene Cervenka's heavy use of Courtney Love-like vocals, which serves more to turn away the punk audiences than to bring in grunge audiences.

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