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Pittman comes full circle in latest

By Miriam Rouziek
The Daily Cougar

At first sight, Shawn Pittman seems to be your average Southern boy, playing rock and roll in his garage and dreaming about being a rock star, but he has something else in mind.

With roots set firmly in the Old South, Pittman wails out an old blues rhythm on his guitar and sings about the highs and lows in life.

His album Full Circle is influenced heavily by the days of Muddy Waters and BB King as well as the present era of Marilyn Manson and Eminem.

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Group

Shawn Pittman draws from several circles in his life to create his third album Full Circle.

Pittman brings a classic, clean sound to the forefront of his album. The music is smooth and easy on the mind, not choppy or loud and neither too fast nor too slow.

The rhythm is just right, as is the tone ­ Pittman seems to have spent forever perfecting this album.

With traditional blues lyrics, Pittman brings his listeners the sounds of an old New Orleans jazz club. You can almost smell the chicory and bourbon as he sings.

Pittman's crooning voice adds a Southern charm to the album, giving the listener the feel of one of BB King's legendary albums.

With his heavy voice and blues guitar, Pittman evokes the image of a sad and tired old man singing out his sad and tired old song for the world to hear.

Also evident is an influence from the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, who, like Pittman, hails from Texas. The easy guitars, mixed with rock and roll, the crooning voice and the blues lyrics recall artists who have inspired him along the way.

Overall, the album is well rehearsed, well sung and well played. The lyrics are smooth, the music is easy to listen to and could easily become the soundtrack for a lazy summer night.

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