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Classic tale of beauty shines at Jones Hall

By Dionne Victor
The Daily Cougar

A silhouette of a beast holding a rose greets theatergoers as the Broadway musical of one of Disney's most magical stories of beauty, and how
it comes from within, begins.

Robert Jess Roth directs Danyelle Bossardet and Grant Norman as they fill the roles of Belle and the Beast, respectively.

Beauty and the Beast, which runs through June 16 at Jones Hall, will leave children and parents in awe as it captures the tale's idea on stage as
much as it is does on screen.

With sprawling hills and an abundance of sunflowers as a backdrop, the musical doesn't stray much from the animated version yet it thrives on
many levels. The array of special effects glittered throughout the antics and dazzling performances are sure to keep audiences entertained.
Anyone familiar with the movie will see how close the musical is to capturing the essence of the story as Bossardet portrays the angelic
independence of beauty and sings every song with the 

clarity and beauty of a Disney 


The townspeople also add to the Disney magic as Gaston, played by Marc D. Galio, plays his role well enough to have even the crowd despising
and loving him by the show's end as he brings his character's sidesplitting antics to life. His sidekick Lefou, played by Skip Harris, adds to the
laughter with his clumsy ways and how he somehow always ends up at the end of Gaston's hand.

As the musical moves to the enchanted castle, audiences will find the highlight of the night with the performance of Be Our Guest. The famous
butler-turned-candle holder, Lumiere, quickly becomes a favorite his flirtatious ways add flair that appeals to adults and children alike. 

Accompanied by elaborately dressed kitchen utensils, the performance displays all the grandiosity that can be found in a Broadway musical.

Another song, "Gaston," which is performed by the townspeople, is carried by an impressive display of clanking steins. 

Each song is performed from the heart and the sequences are set in a way that holds children's attention and gives parents admiration for the
cast's craft.

The orchestra's accompaniment throughout the show and especially of Beast's ascension is what makes the transformation live up to the most
climactic part of the fairytale.

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