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Pseudopod succeeds in debut 
with eclectic mix

By Miriam Rouziek
The Daily Cougar

Pseudopod is another mixed-genre band, combining the vocal sounds of country and western with the musical genius of alternative folk rock.

In their self-titled debut album, sounding like the love child of Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews Band, Pseudopod brings an eclectic mix of sounds from their own genre to the forefront and takes in styles from other genres.

Pseudopod's debut is the perfect mix of jazz, blues, funk and rock. From the first song to the last, they never lose their style and keep the flow going. The music flows well, never going off beat and never strays too loud or soft. The tempo fits with the style and the lyrics fit the vocals.

The lyrics are not shallow, but they're not too deep either. They fit the laid-back melody well, and they flow just as smooth as the rest of the album.

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records

From left, Pseudopod's Brian Fox, Kevin Carlberg, Ross Grant and Tim McGregor maintain originality while mixing familiar sounds in the band's self-titled debut album.

This critic can't decide on whether the music or the lyrics are more important, because Pseudopod has blended them so well.

Without such lyrics, the music wouldn't sound right, and, without their style of music, the lyrics would be just another college guy's weird poetry.

Pseudopod forms such a cohesive bond and retains a solid foundation for their style in a way that sets the tone for a coherent, well-formed album.

The bass, drums and guitars perfectly compliment the vocals, which relay the album's message and tone.

Like Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler, these guys have managed to make every day life seem cool.

Without delving too much into harsh subjects, such as politics and religion, Pseudopod manages to keep a relaxed, calm ambience in their albums. It's definitely a step away from the loud, heavy lyrics of Eminem, Korn, Kid Rock and the like.

Pseudopod's main selling point is originality, which would seem impossible given their apparent foundation in Blues Traveler.

Their originality, however, is retained in their ability to take not just one or two, but a multitude of sounds and integrate them into their music. With the combination, the band has carved their own niche in the middle of several musical genres: funk, rock, folk and alternative.

Pseudopod is slowly moving away from the musical stalemate of the late 1990s, and moving into a fresh corner of the rock world.

The group is largely underground, keeping most of their music available online at Web sites such as, and

However, they're not completely out of the limelight. The band is taking advantage of national touring and club shows to get their music out.

If you get a chance, check these guys out at the Jeep World Outside Festival July 17 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.


Interscope Records

The verdict: Pseudopod's debut album is cool enough to waste money on.

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