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Woodard, Bell should have increased roles this season

Inside the Lines

Mark Hopkins

"Inside the Lines" is a look into the world of the cougar football team. Each week Mark Hopkins gives his thought on the week that was, game preparations, weekly routines and life as a student-athlete. Today, he talks about two rising Cougar football stars, Jermain Woodard and Keykowa Bell, and the contributions they can make this season.

With only 62 days until kickoff at Rice Stadium, where we'll be vying for the Bayou Bucket, keeping the competitive spirit alive was the No. 1 thing on our minds this week.

The daily routine of drills can sometimes get monotonous without a specific game to play or a specific person to beat.

So, before a short break for the July 4 holiday, the Cougar football team divided into teams for competitive events to help keep the competitive edge alive. 

Freshman Jermain Woodard will be a key defender as a safety for the 2002 Cougar football team. Last year, the freshman All-American had 90 tackles.

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The Daily Cougar

Five different teams competed in six different events consisting of the following: 1000-lb. sled pull, a log-shoulder lift, a short obstacle course, a four-man log run, a tire-flip relay race and a four-by-400 meter race.

After coaches divided teams equally between linemen and skilled positions, we eagerly took the field to do battle.

Each of these events helps us condition and get stronger, but the element of competition makes for a fun and exciting workout.

During the off-season, we look forward to these competitive days because they take the place of regular season games and this remind us of just how much we want to win.

Two of our hard-nosed competitors in the spotlight this week are 20-year-old junior Jermain Woodard and 23-year-old senior Keykowa Bell.

Jermain was a freshman All-American safety last season. He had 90 tackles with 8 of those resulting in a loss (which was second on the team behind a senior linebacker). He also had two quarterback sacks. 

Jermain, who graduated from Dobie High School in Pasadena, is a health major.

When he's not knocking heads on the field, he spends a lot of time with the person he admires most, his brother.

Some would say Jermain's pre-game rituals are quite superstitious since he has to touch everything twice. Since it seems to work, he should stick with it.

Jermain says he is secretively sensitive and afraid of getting his heart broken (Yes, ladies, he's available).

Keykowa Bell, a kinesiology major, from Kimball High School in Dallas, is a playmaker.

Bell was red-shirted last season due to an injury, so Cougar fans missed his incredible speed and explosive play-making ability.

Two years ago, he was part of the No.1 receiver tandem in the nation, along with Brian Robinson, and having him on the field again will be exciting for fans and teammates alike.

Keykowa says he most admires his mother because of her determination. This must be where he gets his focus and work ethic.

He enjoys fishing, bowling, and, can you believe, writing poetry? In the same artistic vein, Keykowa listens to either Creed's "Take Me Higher" or Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" to motivate him before games.

It's funny that he says Jerry, from Tom and Jerry cartoons, is his favorite character "because of the way he always finds a way to get past Tom."

We'll be seeing him do the same thing to defenses this fall.

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