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UH Center studying politics, health care issues

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After publishing a survey that stated Gov. Rick Perry's lead over Democratic challenger Tony Sanchez had been cut by almost half
since early June, UH's Center for Public Policy will next turn its attention to health care.

The CPP is preparing a survey on critical health care issues as part of the inaugural Texas Policy Survey. The results, which will be
addressed by the Texas Legislature in January 2003, will be available July 14.

A cross section of Texas residents was surveyed to measure attitudes about health care coverage and services in Texas.

The CPP asked questions about whether Texans felt the health care system had improved or worsened over the years; who they felt
was responsible for the quality of health care; and what they felt were the most important health care issues.

This Texas Public Policy Survey is the first to be conducted by the CPP. The center will also coordinate surveys on other public policy
issues every three months.

The center identifies and evaluates major public policy issues affecting Houston and the state. The center is an active source for
impartial research regarding regional political, economic and demographic issues.

On Tuesday, the CPP released results from its political race survey, which also stated that former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk was leading
Texas Attorney General John Cornyn in the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Phil Gramm.

According to the survey, Texans' concern about the economy was growing, a result CPP Director Richard Murray attributed to a
weakened stock market and corporate scandals.

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