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Green Day revels in 'Shenanigans'

By Jason C. Consolacion
The Daily Cougar

For Green Day, fighting off the scowls and smirks of their punk rock peers from the early 1990s has been nothing less than a
personal vendetta.

Nevertheless, the band continues to make music that far surpasses the work of its followers, including Blink-182 and Sum 41. After
the release of 2000's Warning, the band followed with a greatest hits album that included the best of Green Day's Reprise label hits.

Photo courtesy of Reprise Records

From left, Green Day's Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool have just released Shenanigans, a 14-track collection of rarities,
B-sides and a few covers of classic punk songs.

As if that weren't enough ear candy to give its fans multiple cavities, the band has just released Shenanigans, a collection of B-sides
and rarities. The great thing about this album is that it includes the leftovers, the rejects the Shenanigans, if you will.

In other words, these tracks are the songs left off previous albums because Reprise execs felt they wouldn't appeal to an audience
that's probably too young to know what a B-side is.

So in essence, these songs are great -- they are in true punk rock form. What is evident on this album is that Green Day is and
always has been capable of capturing that genuine, muggy and sweaty punk rock atmosphere reminiscent of the band's early days in
Berkeley, Calif.

All these songs have been included before on singles and imports, so there is nothing totally new here, save for the instrumental
"Espionage," which appears on the new Austin Powers in Goldmember soundtrack, and "Ha Ha You're Dead." Opening with the
rocking "Suffocate" and following with the hard "Desensitized," Shenanigans immediately offers a breath of fresh air from the
experimental mood of Warning.

"Don't Wanna Fall In Love" displays a playful early '80s punk feel while the Ramones cover "Outsider" makes for a nice tribute to a
group of punk's original pioneers.

Songs like "Scumbag," "I Want To Be On TV" and "Sick of Me" also stand out as they show flashes of the band's earlier sound
captured on the Lookout! Records CD's 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk

The album closes with the sweet ballad "On The Wagon" and the effervescent "Ha Ha You're Dead."

Shenanigans is Green Day's best album since 1995's Insomniac. Unfortunately, it's nothing more than a compilation of older rare
material. But perhaps the band will react to the inevitable positive response from its fans and release more material that shares the
same tune as these songs.

Green Day


Reprise Records

The verdict: Green Day relies on roots to compile an album of true punk gems.

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