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Letters to the Editor

No justice, no peace

To the editor: 

My fellow Americans, war has been declared upon the United States. When we discover who committed this vile atrocity, we must respond swiftly and ferociously. We
must declare war on the group with the audacity to carry out such an act. The world cannot peacefully exist when there are groups who would create such tragedy.

If we discover that the group who committed this crime against humanity is foreign, we must declare war. We must attack this group and any who aid it. If there are
nations that support these people, they must be punished.

This action must be taken even if we go it alone. These groups or countries and their allies must be attacked and occupied until we receive satisfactory assurances
that the nations of Earth will be safe from their brand of war.

If we discover that this was a case of domestic terrorism, we must hunt down the individuals responsible and give them their day in court. If they are held by a jury of
their peers to be accountable for the attack, they must suffer a punishment fit for their crimes. Sentence them to life in prison.

Action must be taken against any nation or group, foreign or domestic, that is capable of and willing to commit such acts or else the world will never be safe.

Adam Perdue
junior, economics and civil engineering

Not the only ones

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in Israel? Now we know. The people in New York City and Washington, D.C., really know -- but we, so far away, have a

Tuesday afternoon, President George W. Bush was flying around the country in Air Force One, destination unknown, and legislators were evacuated from

Student Government Association Sen. Brianna Bassler, who is in New York, e-mailed me with "I am alive and OK" in the subject line. In her words, "I was on the
subway when it happened and at the stop close to the (World Trade Center); people ran on the train horrified because they actually saw it happen."

Somebody on Fox News Network at one point asked, "What are Americans going to think when they see people dancing in the streets overseas?" Indeed. I'll tell you
what to think. You are watching our enemies celebrate the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans.

Our enemies. Don't forget that. Once we determine exactly who is responsible, retaliation must be swift and without mercy.

On a different note, I was getting my takeout at a Timmy Chan's on Tuesday night when the man behind the counter struck up a conversation. He was obviously from
the Far East and his English was somewhat broken.

He spoke of the horrible events of the day, but with a different perspective. It caught me off guard. He said some of his friends, from a standpoint of the "politic," had a
feeling of happiness over what happened. However, from the standpoint of innocent people dying, they were very sad. As offended as I was, I contained myself.

He then spoke of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the innocent who died there. He then spoke of the United States "interfering" with Israel and the Palestinians and said
that's why it happened.

As he stumbled over his words, trying to explain it to me, I said inquisitively, "Payback?"

He said "Yes," quite enthusiastically. "Payback."

I thought about trying to explain my perspective on the whole thing, including Osama bin Laden, but the gap in communication was too large. I didn't want to offend
him as he did me.

Jeff Hill
senior, management information systems

Call for justice

To the editor: 

We, the Muslim community in Houston, would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest regret and shock over the apparent actions of terrorism against
innocent civilians on American soil. We unreservedly condemn such cowardly actions by faceless perpetrators and join with all Americans in calling for the swift
capture and punishment of those responsible for this tragedy.

We also join all Americans in remembering the victims in our prayers and implore the Almighty to grant patience to the family of the victims.

We also urge all Muslims of Houston to step up to the plate in rescue efforts with whatever help they can offer. Individuals should donate blood by contacting the local
office of the Red Cross. Muslim medical professionals should go to the scenes of the attacks to offer aid and comfort to the victims. Muslim relief agencies should
contact their counterparts to offer support in the recovery efforts.

Finally, we call on media professionals to exercise restraint and not draw premature conclusions as to who was responsible for the attacks and to also avoid stereotyping and sensationalism in their reporting.

Mudassar Khan al-Hindi
post-baccalaureate, management
President, Muslim Students' Association at UH

Nukes for hijackers

To the editor:

Ronald Reagan once said in jest, "The Soviet Union is now dissolved. Bombing will commence in one hour." To paraphrase and with no jest whatsoever, Afghanistan
is now dissolved. Let bombing commence within the hour.

For years our military and intelligence budgets have been slashed; now the country mourns the lack. Only the swiftest and most terrible vengeance can be taken now.
All countries sympathetic to terrorism must come under immediate and brutal attack.

Any who ever questioned the value of the so-called "star wars" program must now desperately feel the need. A nuclear assault upon Afghanistan will show that the
patriots of this country still have the guts to fight back, and if necessary be even crazier than our enemies. Even if Afghanistan is not directly responsible, its leaders
condoned and protected the type of men who would perpetrate actions such as these. A cobalt bomb will destroy a country for centuries to come.

In ancient days, Carthage was the chief threat to the Roman Empire. The Romans smashed the Carthaginians in war, burned their city to the ground and salted the
ashes, so that nothing might ever again arise from that threat. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Rome never had to fight Carthage again.
We should never feel the threat of an attack like this again.

Jeff Lovell
(senior, psychology)

Two wrongs...

To the editor:

I was greatly upset to hear about the disaster that took place in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. America must find out who is responsible for this
and punish them to the full extent of the law (and then some). However, I am just as upset at the actions people have taken against Middle Eastern students at UH.

A large number of Middle Easterners here in America are good, law-abiding citizens. Many were born here. I really don't want us as Americans to jump the gun and
find an entire race guilty for the possible actions of a few.

Imagine if we had hated the entire Caucasian race due to the actions of one man in Oklahoma City. To hate all white people because of Timothy McVeigh would have
made no sense. To hate every Middle Easterner you see would make no sense either. Think before you hate.

Dore' Silvey
graduate student, social work

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