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Monday, August 5, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 161



Budget woes cause KUHT layoffs

In a decision that mirrored the actions of several PBS stations across the country, KUHT-Channel 8 on Wednesday laid off 12 employees and left eight
positions vacant. Because of a budgetary shortfall nearing $1 million, the Houston PBS affiliate housed in the Melcher Center Public Broadcasting has had to reduce of its workforce by 20 percent, joining the ranks of other affiliates in Dallas, Nebraska, Chicago, Philadelphia and Oregon.

SGA bill could help students GPA's

With current UH grade-keeping policies, if a student fails a course, takes it again and passes with a higher grade, both grades are averaged into the
student's cumulative grade point average. Also, the hours are still counted as hours earned toward the 120 hours accepted by the state for a degree.

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