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Like they say, the good die young

Brandon Moeller
Opinion Columnist

"I wanna live fast, love hard, die young ... and leave a beautiful memory." Faron Young

Young's words and outlaw country twang are particularly meaningful to this columnist today as we bury 21-year-old Jerrad Carl Nagy in
Waller. In some ways, Jerrad was the physical embodiment of the spirit Young was trying to portray in his 1955 song, which was written by
Joe Allison.

His death serves as a brutal reminder of our mortality; a divine rejection of our beliefs of invincibility and a firm realization of the ones we

Jerrad would have wanted the celebration of his life to last all night, after the funeral and way into the next morning.

He could light up a room faster than the switch on the wall. He beamed love with his crazy smile and carefree vibrations. He is survived by
many: his loving parents, friends and fiancée Erika Heaps. They were to be wed November 16.

I met Jerrad through Erika, my girlfriend's best friend. He was one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Within minutes of meeting we
were joking around. He lived with Erika and my girl and their friend Jennie a house full of three women and he was excited another guy
was going to start hanging around.

He would finally have someone to smoke cigarettes with and drink a few beers with, without leaving the comfort of his home. Jerrad liked
getting out of the house, going to the clubs and having a wild time everywhere he went, but when I met him, the state had mandated a 9 p.m.
house arrest for his reckless young heart.

Jerrad had served more jail time than myself, which never ceases to impress me. It's not that Jerrad didn't know the rules ... it's that the
rules didn't mean much. Nothing got in the way of Jerrad and a good time, and I believe that's how his friends will remember him.

During the day, he worked construction. I don't think he was too interested in the field other than the working-with-your-hands sense of
accomplishment that came at the end of every hard day. The pay was good, and so was the camaraderie he found with his fellow workers.
After work he would hang with the boys, he used to tell me, until his fiancée made him come home.

Jerrad has made it home.

He died in a high-speed car crash late Wednesday night. Jerrad lived fast, loved Erika and has left us all with a beautiful memory.

I looked up to Jerrad. He drove a fast car, he seemed free of worries and he was a pleasure to be around. He knew how to have fun, and he
was going to go back to school soon so he wouldn't have to work construction all his life.

In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made in Jerrad's memory to the Spring Baptist Church Building Fund, per his parents' request.

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