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Go Texans

Four former members of the National Football League were inducted Sunday into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In the years to come, more of those who excelled on the field will be recognized and remembered by the fans that cheered them on every Sunday.

In times like this the city of Houston can only boast about Earl Campbell running over a slew of strong safeties and defensive backs, recall the short-lived
success of Jack Pardee's run-and-shoot offensive and Buddy Ryan's in-your-face defense. The truth is Bud Adams took the Oiler blue and red from this city,
and for the past few years we could only watch other fans enjoy their respected teams' feats.

But when teams kick off the coming football season with tailgate parties and barbecues, this city's sports fans will once again be able to root for a team.

The Houston Texans are one of the most solid expansion teams to date. Sports critics are talking about what head coach Dom Capers has done with the
team, and others are saying the Texans will win at least six or seven games this year, which is a lot for a team in its first year.

With one scrimmage game under its belt, both the fans and the Houston Texans can't wait for the real games to begin. The scrimmage against the Dallas
Cowboys Friday proved that the gridiron mentality for the Texans was intact.

Even the fans outside Robertson Stadium acted like it was the real thing. This was a huge plus for the newly added Houston sports team. Through the years,
Houston fans have come under fire from former Rockets and current Astros. While it's fair to say some Houston fans jump on the bandwagon when there are
no bumps in the road, it's also clear that fans' desire for a football team has grown into something different this time around.

From the beginning, we as Houstonians have a chance to paint our faces, make up some victory chant and just do the small things to help build a history of
memories with a new football team.

So when the Texans take on the New York Giants at the Hall of Fame Game Monday night, this is yet another opportunity for us to prove that we do want to
support our new sports team.

Maybe one day, one of our own will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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