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Monday, September 17, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 18


Stigmas cause false assumptions

When I was a child, I absolutely trusted law enforcement. The police were my friends, there to help me if I got lost or if someone tried to hurt

Retaliation is a begginning, not an end

In a plot that seemed scripted in fiction, in an act that was wired for special effects, terrorism left the vagueness of imagination and invaded
the immediacy of real life. In a matter of minutes, all the details and trappings of daily life, both rich and mundane, shrank to minuscule
proportions. What looms in their place is a stunned sense of disbelief that has leveled all semblance of civility and normality.

Americans just needed a scapegoat

I have already lost my belief in ideas of "tolerance and compassion" after the numerous hate crimes that have been committed. I have gone
through 10 times more depression and fear as the "normal" American since, being Muslim, my fear that the terrorists might strike any minute
is not my only concern. I also carry the fear that anyone walking around might take it in his or her head to avenge what happened on
Tuesday by beating me up.

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