Thursday, August 23, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 2

Richard R. Risma / The Daily Cougar

'Just make a left at the second squirrel': Caroline Tennant, a junior biology major, gives a friendly pointer to transfer student Amara Chhin, a sophomore vocal performance major, on Wednesday 


The full Student Government Administration engaged in its most heated debate of the year as key leaders entrenched themselves on opposing sides of the group's budget discussion.

Welcome to the newest technological morality check: Stem cells. President Bush recently announced his decision regarding the controversy on whether or not to allow federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, a therapy that in mice has shown the potential to help people recover from crippling injuries, like the accident that rendered actor Christopher Reeves a paraplegic......

The summer has been sparse in terms of PC game releases, but there are two new strategy games seeking players.

Although the men's basketball season is still three months away, fans can begin making plans to catch their team in action.


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