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War can be justified

Tommy Nguyen
Guest columnist

Two articles written this month in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C. expressed the opinion that America was to
blame for these attacks.

The first article said, "Like sacrificial lambs, those victims were made to pay for their nation's secret wars."

These so-called "secret wars" are nothing but hearsay without any real evidence. The examples given are conjectures because all documents
relating to these events are classified, meaning there could only have scraps of information, hardly enough to come to any conclusion.

It's a common logical fallacy called reasoning from the consequent. These opinions and others like it are, at root, a willful hatred of America.
Regardless of what fancy language used by writers to dress their arguments, it all comes down to one thing—they want America to crumble in
the face of evil. 

It's akin to what Chinese leaders have been saying for years. Attack America on her home soil, and she will crumble like a bunch of "rotten

I am a Vietnamese-American male, and my family has experienced what it is like to be confronted by evil. I don't use the word "evil" lightly, and it
seems America is only now rediscovering evil as a concrete reality, not an abstract theory.

My family was there for the fall of Saigon and for the millions of people sent to the death camps afterward. That would not have happened had
the U.S. won that war. It was lost primarily because the media used the same rhetoric as those opinions stated above. They obliquely and overtly
stated over and over that American action anywhere proved that she was evil.

America is not evil. How many nations do you know would sent troops, money and medical supplies to nations in crisis? It is a fact that the
American people send more food and other supplies than the rest of the world combined. That does not even include the federal funds adding to

America has been holding the center of the world together for the past 50 years, during the Cold War until now. 

One of the articles mentioned said that America is "… supposed to be a land of justice." It is a land of justice.

The Prime Minister of France declared, "In recent times we have placed America in a terrible dilemma. If they engage the world and intervene
against injustice we accuse them of imperialism. If they detach from world events they are attacked as they were this week, and we accuse them
of unilateralism. I begin to think that Europe bears a major responsibility in these matters." 

The Prime Minister admitted what most of America's "haters" will not. For many years now, America has been painted into the corner with a
"Catch 22" mentality from her own citizens.

These "haters" demanded that we understand and respect other nations' perspectives and cultures, while most other nations have no respect
and understanding for ours. However, I suspect, other nations will soon understand all too well. 

After the attacks on Sept. 11, Americans everywhere are demanding justice. It is our sovereign right to defend ourselves and end those groups
and nations responsible. If this means war, so be it.

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