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U(H) take the high road, eyes take the low road

By Tom Carpenter
Daily Cougar Staff

The last time the Cougars and the Longhorns met in Austin, Texas quarterback Chris Simms was throwing 50-yard bombs as the play clock
wound down on a 48-0 Texas victory.

In public, Cougar head coach Dana Dimel offers up the same old milk pap every coach tosses out on game day against an opponent who tried to
humiliate them on national television the last time the teams met.

"That was last year. It has no bearing on this year's game," Dimel said.

Right, coach.

Cougar file photo

The Cougars and Longhorns mix it up in Austin last season during the Longhorns' 48-0 blitz. It was the first time in his career that Cougar head
coach Dana Dimel faced Texas.

Texas head coach Mack Brown said at the time it was simply a matter of a young quarterback getting caught up in the excitement of playing in
front of a national television audience.

Right, coach.

Like a kid who's played football since he was big enough to carry one, whose father threw touchdown passes in the Super Bowl, would be so
excited about playing that he didn't realize the score was 48-0 and the game clock had only seconds left on it.

"He knows football extremely well because he's been brought up in the game since he was two years old," Dimel said.

It's part of a college football coach's job to deflect perceived slights and attempts to humiliate his team in front of a national television audience,
and both Dimel and Brown are well-schooled in doublespeak.

It's all part of the game, but don't believe for one second that the Cougars and Dimel don't think about those bombs floating downfield as time ran
out the last time the teams met in Austin.

Texas has so many weapons on offense and defense it can blow teams out without resorting to John Jenkins-type shenanigans. That's the
reason Longhorn fans hurled at UH fans to justify the carpet-bombing overkill of last year's game.

"They expect their defense to score some points early," Dimel said. " They expect to get an early lead in the ballgame and that's what we've got to
try and prevent." 

You can bet your Cougar claws the Longhorns will explode out of the gate going for the Cougars' jugular. And if the Longhorns get the lead, you
can bet the farm they'll do their best to embarrass the Cougars in front of another national television audience.

"If the ballgame is close or we have the lead at halftime, then the whole momentum of the game shifts our way," Dimel said.

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