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Monday, September 24, 2001  Volume 67, Issue 23


World questions Bush's competency

President George W. Bush's speech to Congress on Thursday
gave me more respect -- not necessarily for Bush, but for his
speechwriters, whose turns of phrase were by turns soothing and

America will never feel the same

On the night of Sept. 11, in my history of photography class at UH, we had planned to look at the photographs of Edward Steichen and Edward Weston. These beautiful portraits, landscapes, nudes and still-lifes might have been a needed tonic for the pictures that entered us earlier that dread morning. But Steichen and Weston were impossible for us that night.

Retaliation dilutes American morals

"May you live in interesting times," goes an old Chinese curse. While "interesting" may be a debatable term, there's no denying that with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 we've been cursed to live in times worthy of coverage by a flood of newspapers, commercial-free television news reports and the usual motley collection of political demagogues. 

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