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Bring on conference play, UH is ready

By Tom Carpenter
Daily Cougar Staff

Fireworks filled the sky after the standing-room-only crowd at Robertson Stadium sang "God Bless America" to honor the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack prior to the kick-off of the Texas-UH football game Saturday night.

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Texas trails for the first time all season as Grover Thompson snags a go-ahead touchdown pass.

But the sparkling display couldn't compare to the explosions that took place on the playing field when the unranked Cougars took on
the No. 5 Texas Longhorns in a battle royale in front of a national television audience.

Dana Dimel football finally arrived at UH.

The Cougars didn't win the game, but they won something more important for a program that's suffered through the malaise of a
losing decade that sported only two winning seasons. The Cougars fought for respect, and they got it from Texas in front of the

"We got the ball thrown over our heads too much," Texas head coach Mack Brown said. "But overall, give Houston credit because
they played hard and played much better on offense this game than they did against Rice. Their defense played great, they just
gave out because our offense stayed on the field a lot."

The Cougars stood undaunted as Brown hurled wave after wave of blue-chip, top-100 football players against Dimel's out-manned,
out-gunned team.

The sheer mass of highly talented fresh players Brown could put into the game spelled doom for the Cougars, but for two
outstanding quarters of football, the UH starters outplayed the best Texas could put on the field.

The Cougars surprised the entire country by standing toe-to-toe with a team some pollsters think is the best college football team in
the nation.

Dimel's hombres underwent a metamorphosis from a bunch of individual players into a team while surrounded by a hostile crowd in
a sea of burnt orange at a home game.

But lo and behold, the mighty Texas Longhorns didn't turn out to be the toxic Agent Burnt Orange that was supposed to make the
Cougars wither and die with the first application of Longhorn football in Robertson Stadium.

"I thought our kids fought hard," said co-defensive coordinator Dick Bumpas. "At the end we just kind of got overpowered. We're
getting closer. I don't think the score is any indication of how good a team we are. I'm just waiting for this team to come together.
When it does it's going to be fun to watch."

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