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Tuesday, September 25, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 24


Modern rock outfit Lit comes to perform at Aerial Theater tonite

The band is touring to promote its forthcoming third album Atomic, due to be released Oct. 16. The first single from the new record, "Lipstick and Bruises,"
has climbed to No. 13 on this week's Billboard Modern Rock Listings.

New 'Super Mario' and 'F-Zero' games premiere on Game Boy

This week we resume our interrupted coverage of the handheld market, with Nintendo's big three releases for the new Game Boy Advance. Like the
previous Game Boy Color, the launch title is a remake of a Mario title -- Super Mario Bros. 2, to be exact.

Jay- Z tops Billboard 200 album charts

Rapper Jay-Z has received accolades right and left lately and has been described as one of the best living emcees.

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