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Modern rock outfit Lit set to perform at Aerial Theater tonight

By Christian Schmidt
Daily Cougar Staff

Tonight at the Aerial Theater, acclaimed band Lit makes its first appearance in Houston this year.

The band is touring to promote its forthcoming third album Atomic, due to be released Oct. 16. The first single from the new record, "Lipstick and Bruises,"
has climbed to No. 13 on this week's Billboard Modern Rock Listings.

Jon Gipe/RCA Records

Once the leaders of the neo pop-rock movement, Lit is hoping that its upcoming release, Atomic will once again make them MTV darlings. The band is set to perform at 8 p.m. at the Aerial Theatre. 

Lit is part of a growing movement of bands that combine elements of punk, hard rock and radio-friendly tunes to make a sound that is taking off on American
radio stations.

Lit's music has often been accused of being unabashed, disposable radio pop.

The four-member band was formed 10 years ago in Orange County, Calif.

Brothers A. Jay and Jeremy Popoff man the lead vocals and guitars respectively, while Kevin Baldes plays bass and Allen Shellenberger handles the

Lit's second album and first release on its current label RCA, A Place in the Sun, was released in November 1999 to nearly instant success on the charts.

The album featured smash hits "Completely Miserable," "My Own Worst Enemy" and "Zip-Lock."

The album features catchy songs with a more upbeat tone than the quartet's first effort, the self-released Tripping the Light Fantastic.

Opening for Lit is new band Handsome Devil.

The band describes itself as "rock 'n' roll, devil-style, leaving blood on the stage."

Handsome Devil is signed to Lit's own Dirty Martini label. A. Jay Popoff produced Handsome Devil's debut album, Love and Kisses from the Underground.

Unfortunately, Lit may eventually become a victim of the very movement of which it was once at the forefront.

Bands like Blink-182 and current fad Three Doors Down have surpassed Lit's success and may force the Los Anglese-based band to the wayside.

Lit headlined a show at the Woodlands Pavilion last year, but is back in town at a much smaller venue this time, the Aerial Theater. If album sales from its
latest record are less than stellar, Lit may be in for an early retirement from the music scene.

My advice is to go see them while you can: at 8 p.m. tonight at the Aerial Theater.

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