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Wednesday, Spetember 26, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 25


Life shouldn't be taken for granted

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, many are still in mourning. The destruction of Sept. 11 left behind bereaved family members of many
casualties. There are thousands of orphans from one-parent homes too young to understand where their parents are, too young to even
understand death.

The American flag symbolizes unity

Tempting though it is to continue writing in adamant support of making Afghanistan the newest outlying parking lot for UH students, I've chosen
to change my focus this week toward a topic that's a little closer to home: the American flag.

UH administration dishearts the fans

On Saturday, the Houston Cougars played a home football game in front of a Texas Longhorn crowd. Anyone who was at the game (I know it is hard to find someone to ask, so just trust me) can tell you how disgusting it was to see our stands full of University of Texas fans. "Come early. Get loud. Stay late," is the Texas fan motto. UH offers, "Don't come. Complain out loud. Graduate late." Thus the question, why?

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