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'Glitter' soundtrack wastes Carey's considerable talent

Mariah Carey
* (out of five stars)
Virgin Records

By Maurice Bobb
Daily Cougar Staff

Mariah Carey is a brave woman.

Bruce Macaulay/20th Century Fox

Mariah Carey (Billie Frank) and Julian Dice (Max Beesley) share a quiet moment in the recording studio in the new film Glitter. The film also
stars recording artists Da Brat and Eric Benet.

How else could she have the gall to make a dubious film debut and drop an equally mind-numbing album in one stroke?

The title, Glitter, is a misnomer because this album shines about as brightly as a used charcoal briquette.

Led by the disappointing single "LoverBoy," Glitter is bound for a trash bin near you.

Don't be surprised if mobs of irate fans storm record stores for refunds on this one.

It's not that Carey can't sing -- we all know better than that --but it seems as if she utilized drugs other than those prescribed by a medical
professional while lending her voice to this melee of uninspired songs, music and production.

Ultimately, this album's demise can be blamed on Carey's merging of three incongruous styles: dismal disco, haphazard hip-hop and butchered

The first, obviously reflective of her film, is 1980s-hued fare that should have stayed buried in everyone's "What the hell were we thinking" time

The song "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" is so intolerable, one is inclined to permanently damage the CD player and use the CD itself for a

The hip-hop collaborations with notables like Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes and Mystikal sound as if they were recorded while using Sprint PCS

No, that couldn't be, because between network busy signals and dropped calls, common sense would have prevailed and the rappers would
have retracted any involvement with the tracks.

Then there are the ballads that fall somewhere between fingernails raking a blackboard and cats screaming in the night.

Carey's juggling act seems all the more tragic considering her recent treatment for a mental breakdown.

Perhaps Carey should take time to collect her thoughts and use her troubles as grist for songwriting; maybe then her songs will have some kind
of relevance and won't bring to mind the sound of a toilet flushing.

As it is, though, Glitter is a huge misstep for an established icon like Carey.

I'm sure she can overcome this in time, but for now, Virgin should pull this CD from the shelves or be arrested for littering.

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