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Friday, August 24, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 3



Euthanasia threatens medica ethics

"Euthanasia" comes from two Greek words meaning "good death." In practice, it has come to mean the selective killing of those who are
old or sick. Worldwide, support for the practice appears to be increasing. 

Failing is actually part of succeeding if its a part of a diabolical plan

For my first column of this brave new year, I thought I'd write something about what it means to attend our beloved university, giving helpful
advice about how the average student (that's you) can do his or her best here from the perspective of one with four years and 10 semesters studential experience (that's me). When I started working on this column, though, I came up with a number of reasons why I should do nothing of the kind.

Invest more than money for the future

The end of the summer semester has arrived. Now we're setting foot again on campus grounds for another semester of grinding and
mind-wrecking studying.

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