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Support their sacrifice

President Bush ordered the call-up of 510 more Texas National Guard troops Tuesday to defend the United States from terrorist activity.

The statement, issued by Texas Guard officials, said the Guard troops would serve "force protection missions."

If your son or daughter or loved one is to be called up, this is a vague and disquieting description of the duties these men and women will perform while on
active duty.

Some of the troops will enhance security in our nation's airports, while others will perform support positions to free regular fighting men and women to engage
our enemies wherever the theater of conflict takes them.

A distraught and uncertain society watched its sons and daughters slip away from their civilian jobs and families to contribute to the security of their country.
These men and women are to be commended for placing duty above security and comfort.

Not only do these brave Americans deserve our praise and support, but the families and loved ones they left behind need our understanding, patience and
support as well.

Sacrificing your liberty to defend your nation is an act of patriotism and it shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone, including our leaders.

Government officials extolling Americans to buy, buy, buy to demonstrate their patriotism while calling up our brightest and best to place them in harm's way
smacks of pretentious arrogance and a complete misunderstanding of what patriotism means.

These reserve members deserve more than being factored into the patriot equation with an obscene variable like consumer spending.

Millions of Americans have suffered because of the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. Tens of thousands of people have
lost their jobs and thousands more will experience the same fate before the country returns to normal.

Soldiers don't make policy; they serve their nation and their president.

About 20,000 troops have been called to active duty from 140 air, Navy and Army units in 44 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico since President
Bush's command to activate reservists and Guard members for homeland defense last week.

When our neighbors and friends answer the call to defend their country, it's our duty to support their effort and to offer solace and comfort to their loved ones.

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