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Shelter debut protects faith in hard rock music 
Local Edge

By Shiley Carter

In a time of national crisis, like the present time in our country, people often turn to their faith for hope and healing.

Prayers can be heard coming from the parted lips of the most unexpected people. Peace in the world and in oneself is much sought after during such
problematic days.

It's inspiring when a person or group of people keeps this faith alive even in the good days, and the days when all is well and spoken for. It's inspiring when a
person's passion displays their faith.

Inspiring is the word for Houston quartet Shelter.

Shelter is a modern hard rock band with roots in Christianity. The band is composed of Taylor Lee (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jason Carmona (drums), Mike
Vasquez (bass and backing vocals) and Greg Boyd (lead guitar and backing vocals).

The band was formed a little over a year ago. In just one year it has played numerous places, including the North-by-North Gate Festival in College Station and
the Downtown Street Festival in Houston.

The four musically talented males are diverse in ethnicity and background, but they all share a common goal. They want to get their "music to as many people
as possible to impact their lives in a positive way."

Shelter's music is very well composed, and the vocals are unbelievable.

Taylor Lee's vocals are similar to those of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder in the clarity and style of sound produced. His voice is very open and full of emotion.

The music is beautifully combined with several harmonizing distinctions, set off by the hard rock edge for which the band strives.

Lyrically, the style is similar to that of Creed. Opening with a bang, the album leads into an emotional chorus and ends with an ultimate conclusion, with the
words invoking a true feeling of understanding in the listener.

Many Christians who have turned to their faith to help them through difficult times recently may find comfort in Shelter's words in the song "Overcome," where
Taylor sings, "By His blood/ We have won/ He's my shield and strength/ By mercy's sake/ No need to fear/ 'Cause love reigns here."

Musically, I really found the song "In His Name" to be intriguing. It has a sweet slowness that can turn into hard rock riffs and a screaming-singing vocal style
that is very appealing.

"Cemetery Pilgrims" is also very good in its complexity. The lyrics are colorful and stimulate the mind with the music leaning a little to the dark side. A few of the
songs lack distinction, but overall they have an amazing combination of elements.

Regardless of religion, Shelter can be enjoyed by all for its talent and musical artistry. Its sound is appealing and easy to listen to. It combines precision and
creativity to produce a great set of original songs.

Shelter will be self-releasing its first full-length album this month.

The impressive band will be playing at Paesano's in downtown Houston Tuesday.

I recommend checking these guys out as soon as possible. A truly pleasurable experience is awaiting the listener.

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