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DiFranco to perform at Aerial Theatre

By Ellen Simonson
Daily Cougar Staff

This weekend, the most righteous babe, Ani DiFranco, visits Houston. She will perform Saturday night at the Aerial Theater downtown.

Rhea Anna/Righteous Babe Records

Punk folksinger Ani DiFranco is scheduled to perform at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Aerial Theatre. DiFranco has used her mastery of the guitar
and unique voice to enhance her impressive career.

DiFranco can best be described as a punk folksinger. She has her own record label, Righteous Babe Records, and over the years has turned
down countless indie and major-label offers.

DiFranco may be one of the best guitarists in the current scene regardless of gender, which her most recent release, Revelling/Reckoning,
shows off. She manages to play both rhythm and lead simultaneously, making the listener wonder how one person can sound like five
guitarists. And her songs are invariably well composed, alluring and intelligent (and generally political as well).

Over the course of 11 years, DiFranco has put out some 18 releases. Notable are 1998's Little Plastic Castle for its expansion on her
previous folk style and 1995's Not a Pretty Girl (of which the Village Voice said, "The guys I know smell trouble every time (DiFranco) opens
her mouth. This has nothing to do with her face, body or sense of style. It's her words, the sheer volume of them, jetting out in expressionistic

DiFranco's live shows are compelling; the sheer amount of music coming out of this one relatively small human being is even more startling in

The show at the Aerial starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 but worth it. For more information, visit or call the Aerial at (713)

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