Monday, October 8, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 33


Senator uses crisis for oil industry

Shireen Carter
Guest columnist

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on our country, Congress has been busy passing important legislation that will effectively handle and rectify this
situation. This includes a multibillion-dollar defense bill that was on the floor a little less than two weeks ago. In the midst of this, Senator James Inhofe of
Oklahoma has mercilessly attempted to exploit this anti-terrorism bill with one of his own.

Sen. Inhofe is closely aligned with the oil industry. While the $345 billion-dollar terrorism bill was on the floor, he had the audacity to attach a multi-billion
dollar energy amendment to it, which called for the harmful drilling of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. He claimed that the oil would be
necessary in case this country goes into recession. What Sen. Inhofe refuses to address, however, is that the oil would take 10 years to reach the market
and is estimated to only last six months under the country's demand.

For those unfamiliar with this issue, the oil companies are pushing the national government to pass legislation that would allow the gates of the Arctic
Refuge to be opened to drilling and would also include a nice $30 billion in tax subsidies for them. This is what Sen. Inhofe is trying to get through

So what's wrong with this picture? Not only would it destroy the Refuge's delicate habitat, it is also quiet inappropriate to take advantage of our crisis for Big

Quite frankly, it's appalling. The terrorist attack on our country was one of profound sadness. It is blatantly disrespectful for an elected representative of this
country to conduct himself in such an unprofessional and heartless fashion.

This college student was not the only one to take note of Sen. Inhofe's stupidity; newspapers from around the nation have also brought negative attention
to the Senator. The Boston Globe struck deep into the heart of the matter, labeling it "oil opportunism." The Honolulu Star Bulletin stated that, "Now in this
time of national emergency, Congress must move wisely and quickly to implement measures that can't wait. High on the list of actions that must not be
rushed is approval of drilling in the Arctic National Refuge." I could not agree any further.

For those supporting Sen. Inhofe, never fear: He has vowed to attach an energy bill to "every single piece of legislation that comes through the Senate." In
addition to this outrage, perhaps you will be pleased to see the following. A simple search on under Sen. Inhofe's name produced other
anti-environmental measures, such as him rejecting clean air legislation based on incredibly weak arguments. Check it out for yourselves.

For those of you who happen to disagree with the Senator, you can keep yourself posted and e-mail your senator by contacting

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