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Energy shocks Titans, stays undefeated

By Crystal J. Doucette
Daily Cougar Staff

Athletes in red jerseys jogged onto John O'Quinn Field and took their places across the line of scrimmage from their opponents in white Saturday.

The home team hit the visiting white jerseys hard, sacked their quarterback about once every possession and decided to go ahead on third-and-25 in the
fourth quarter for one more fruitful run into the end zone -- on a quarterback sneak.

The Houston Energy defeated the Arizona Titans 55-7, and remain undefeated in league play -- the Women's Professional Football League, that is.

The only winning Houston football team to touch O'Quinn Field this year, the Energy is the reigning champ of the national league. In the WPFL's inaugural
season, the Houston Energy took out the New England Storm, 39-7 on Jan. 20, 2000 for the title.

Leading the gridiron warriors in red Saturday was quarterback Kristin Anderson, who had two touchdowns.

Although Anderson tucked two scores under her belt, most of the Energy's scoring came from the feet of running back Stacy Agee.

Agee carried for more than 200 yards with three touchdowns, holding off the Arizona defense with quick footwork, fakes and twists and turns that evaded
Titan hands and left more than a few white jerseys grass-stained in her wake.

On the defense, free safety Heather Lane intercepted a pass late in the second quarter and ran it from the Arizona 20-yard line to the Houston 40-yard line
before she was herded out of bounds. Five more seconds and Lane would've crossed the goal line.

Even injuries couldn't hold the Energy. Cindy Frost, Houston's only kicker on the roster injured her foot in the third quarter. Quarterback Christy Dunham
stepped in and kicked in Frost's place, missing the first extra-point wide left, but nailing the second dead center.

The only blemish to the Energy's game was the relentless gains by an Arizona wide receiver early in the fourth quarter that scored Arizona's only

The regular season is over for the Houston Energy as they finish a 9-0 run. This year the WPFL championship game will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 20 at Dyer
Stadium (next door to Delmar Stadium). The 2001 WPFL title game will be a Texas showdown between the Energy and the Austin Rage.

Houston defeated Austin 27-13 and 25-0 this year.

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