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'One in a Million'

Aaliyah, others die in plane crash 

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Twenty-two year old r&b singer/actress Aaliyah was killed when a small plane carrying her and eight others crashed after taking off from
the Bahamas.

The plane, headed for Opa-Locka Airport in Miami, Fla., crashed just 200 feet from a runway at Marsh Harbour International Airport. The
twin-engine Cessna 402B suffered engine failure. The cause of the engine failure was unknown.

Aaliyah Haughton, makeup artist Eric Foreman, Virgin Records representative Douglas Kratz, the pilot, two women and three men were on
the plane. Aaliyah and five others died instantly.

Marc Baptiste/Atlantic Records

Blossoming entertainer Aaliyah died in a plane crash off the coast of the Bahamas on Saturday night. She was 22 years old.

The songstress was set to film the video for "Rock the Boat," a single from her new self-titled album, in the Bahamas. The new album was
Aaliyah's departure from dance-oriented songs and an introduction to a more mature, introspective sound. It was No. 25 on the latest
Billboard 200 and No. 8 on the latest top r&b/hip-hop chart.

Aaliyah debuted on stage in a production of Annie when she was six years old. Her aunt, Gladys Knight, invited the then-11-year-old to
sing onstage in Las Vegas, Nev.

Her debut album, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, was released in 1994 and went gold off the strength of the title track and her image as
an up-and-coming urban diva.

Her next album, One in a Million, released in '96, found her switching producers from R. Kelly to Timbaland. One of her biggest hits, "Are
You That Somebody?" (also produced by Timbaland), came off the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack.

But it was "Try Again" off the Romeo Must Die soundtrack that earned her a Grammy nomination.

Aaliyah starred in that film opposite martial arts guru Jet Li. It was her work in that picture that garnered her attention from Hollywood -- and
paved the way for a role in The Matrix 2 (set for a 2002 release).

Aaliyah had undergone an image makeover, one that saw her flashing her good looks as opposed to hiding them behind her hair and
sunglasses. Initially grouped with other young artists such as Brandy, Monica and Da Brat, her film roles and crossover status could have
raised her to Whitney Houston-like levels.

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