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Wednesday, October 17, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 40



War makes strange things happen

Ever get the feeling you're stuck in some science fiction novel? America is waxing surrealistic with its current state of biochemical warfare.

Help the innocent Afghan citizens

While Americans closely watch over the retaliation bombings against Afghanistan, it may easily escape their notice that millions of innocent women and children are helplessly caught in the crossfire. Already they have survived through two decades of war and four consecutive years of severe drought. The current conditions under which they live are appalling. The drought has destroyed two-thirds of the country's wheat crop and killed off some livestock.

Anthrax doesn't have to be lethal

As I glance over all of my favorite news Web sites, only one topic seems to stand out -- anthrax. The entire nation is caught up in the recent outbreak of this disease that seems to be suspiciously tied to the attacks on Sept. 11. Of course, no clear link has been established yet between the al-Qaida network and the recent rampage against major media outlets such as ABC and NBC. I am suspicious.

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