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Badu, others add soul to compilation album

Red Star Sounds Volume One: Soul Searching

Various Artists
**** (out of five stars)

Sony Records

By Maurice Bobb
Daily Cougar Staff

The time has come for the compilation album to up the ante for album production.

Lately, artists have fallen victim to the race to drop an album in accordance with a hot single, offering sets loaded with filler rather than substance.

Enter Heineken's new compilation, Red Star Sounds Volume One: Soul Searching, which takes advantage of the alternative artists that have changed the musical landscape of late with their thoughtful lyrics and trailblazing stylings.

Artists like The Roots and Amel Larrieux make an appearance on the gem "Glitches," which cautions that you must be comfortable with the skin you're in.

Erykah Badu's sexy ode "Today" adds a little jazz club feel with the strong bass play fueling her bluesy voice.

Eric Johnson/Dreamworks Records

Nelly Furtado is just one of the many talented artists on the compilation album, Red Star Sounds Volume One: Soul Searching. Also appearing on the disc are Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and The Roots.

Jill Scott's breakout single "Long Walk" is remixed here by A Touch of Jazz's Jazzy Jeff.

Other notable tracks include Macy Gray's "We Got Enough" and Damien Marley's "Still Searching," which give the album the kind of depth and range that will set a precedent with all compilations in the future.

Newcomers India Arie and Nelly Furtado drop by to offer their very eclectic voices on "Butter Fly" and "Legend" respectively.

Spanish Fly's memorable track, "Don't Stop," utilizes the handclap in the background creating an undeniable head-nodder that will garner this funky new artist much buzz in the future.

Overall, this is an amazing set full of funky grooves that will establish Red Star Sounds' volumes as a must-cop.

Without a doubt, Red Star found the soul it was searching for and neatly packaged it into 14 blazing tracks. So kick back, relax and let the music do the rest.

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