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WWF's No Mercy pits Stone Cold 
against Kurt Angle

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

Professional wrestling is the greatest thing to happen to the civilized world since democracy.

No other form of entertainment brings together so many people from the broadest of spectrums. No other form of entertainment means more to so many people. No other form of entertainment makes people sit at their computers for days on end posting musings on why The Rock should run for president in 2004.

There is no better way to spend your Monday nights than in front of the television watching greased-up men putting special holds on each other. Where else do people compete for the title of "best sign writer?"

No, really, I lie awake at night hoping Hulk Hogan makes his long-awaited return. Every month, I wait at the newsstand in gleeful anticipation of the next WWF magazine.

I wonder why most people laugh as they see me walk by in my wrestling mask. I wonder why more people don't think about wrestling as a career option.

Wrestling is not dead! On the contrary, it's making a huge comeback. It's about to dominate cable television again. It's about to re-enter mainstream consciousness. It's about to get it's about to uhh


No mercy for you

The WWF will present its annual No Mercy on Sunday. If you have $30 to spare, and I know all you college students do, it should be a barnburner of an event. Don't miss it. These predictions are meant for entertainment purposes only, and should not be used to place illegal bets.

WWF World Title: Steve Austin (champion) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

Who do you root for? Is it the great American hero from Pittsburgh, or those damn foreigners from Texas and Michigan? I for one hope Angle strikes a blow against terrorism by reclaiming the title.

Van Dam may not win the title, but he'll put up a good fight. If nothing else, it'll show the bookers why he should headline Survivor Series. Prediction: Austin.

WCW World Title: The Rock (champion) vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho's being billed as the superstar who can't win the big match. It reeks of a heel turn. Something big is going down during this match.

If The Rock drops the title, it'll be because Jericho joined the Alliance. It makes no sense to have two WWF guys fighting over the WCW belt. But there I go bringing logic into wrestling again. Prediction: Y2J.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Christian (champion) vs. Edge

If there is one reason to spend $30 to watch wrestling at home; if there is one reason to sit through the undercard; if there is one reason to set your VCRs and save the tape for posterity, this ladder match is it. No, really. Really.

Aside from the RVD/Austin angle, this is the best thing the WWF has going. Christian's heel is the best since Jericho's run in the real WCW. And Edge hasn't turned into a whiny face character. Prediction: Expect plenty of bumps.

And now the undercard

Bodies will fly and vicious blows will be dealt. And that's just the lingerie match.

Undertaker will try to end Booker T's career while Test pulls his best Kevin Nash impersonation when he takes on Kane. Oh, and Torrie Wilson will strip Stacy Keibler naked!

Well, she may not get naked, but both of them will be wrestling in lingerie. I'm sure the rest of the card will be fleshed out by Smackdown, but expect some pointless encounter involving X-Pac and a match showcasing Hurricane Helms' never-ending fight against evil.

Predictions: Undertaker, Kane and Torrie Wilson will strip Stacy Keibler naked!

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