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Our obligation is not to negativity

Mary Carradine

At a time when Americans feel paralyzed by fear, it is difficult to ignore the news. This past week has been especially depressing. Not only have civilians been killed during our air strikes on Afghanistan, but anthrax outbreaks have also swept through our nation, leaving us all afraid to check the mail.

A top Israeli official was shot and killed by a Palestinian assassin -- an event that promises to retard a hopeful peace process.

A Houston firefighter died over the weekend, attempting to rescue a man from a burning building. More American troops are being called to duty to fight a war of uncertainty.

I could go on. It's simply depressing to look around and see what is happening to our world. Sometimes it is difficult to even focus on our daily lives of being busy students -- everything is distracting.

To make matters worse, it seems like we can't escape this reality. American flags are plastered everywhere, the news is never good, and Americans cannot dilute their thoughts with anything but thoughts of Sept. 11 and its aftermath. Everything is a glaring reminder of how difficult life became after last month's events. It's like we are all being followed by a shadow of negativity.

Solace is obviously difficult to find. Some take comfort in knowing that Afghanistan is feeling our American wrath during our relentless bombing campaign. Others are turning to their faith in a God to ease their distress. Luckily, some of us have sports games to watch as well. And of course, there are always art and music.

There will certainly be enough news over the weekend to keep us all indoors, following the media about bombs, fighting, death and anthrax. But we will never get the time spent watching such depressing news back. The time will be lost and tossed into a landfill of non-recyclable days.

Sometimes you have to walk away from the television, or put down the newspaper. We can't let a string of unlucky and disappointing days rule our lives. There are obligations to complete. We are students. We are employees. We are children, parents, significant others, friends And most importantly, we are still alive.

The weather promises to be beautiful this weekend. The Cougar football team is playing at Robertson Stadium for our homecoming game Saturday night. If you don't like sports, go see a movie or drop by your favorite local bar with some friends. Do yourself a favor and take a break from the world this weekend. We are under no obligation to stomach disappointment every day.

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