Friday, October 26, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 47


War 'support' borderlines hypocrisy

Mary Carradine

Sufficed to say, Americans are a bloodthirsty group regarding Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorist network. Most Americans want to see these spineless demons blown off the map.

This sentiment is also felt strongly on our campus. A survey of UH students found that 90 percent of us believe military force against Afghanistan is justified. That is a solid
number. If that number were your midterm grade, you'd have As in some classes.

However, very few of the students who support this war would fight in it themselves. Only 20 percent of those surveyed would actually support draft measures, if taken, and serve
our country in this war effort. 

These numbers are not surprising. College students are notoriously anti-draft. Previous college generations staunchly opposed the Vietnam draft by holding protests and burning
their draft cards. 

But then again, they were opposed to the war itself as well. They didn't want to fight because they didn't believe in the cause. This is understandable.

But 90 percent of you want to see the Taliban vaporized, and almost all of you don't want to do it. What does this say about our patriotism? These numbers obviously border
hypocrisy. Essentially, most of us want people to die, but we don't want to pull the triggers and we don't want to drop the bombs.

We are supposed to be an angry nation. A group of blindly hateful people not only took thousands of our citizens to an early grave, but they have caused us to live in fear.

We are a changed nation, and most of us thirst for the days where we could go to sporting events, fly across the country or check the mail without fearing for our safety.

Admittedly, I now have a strong fear of large crowds, I don't plan on boarding an aircraft anytime soon and I'm afraid to check the mail. And if I'm afraid to check the mail, of course
I would be afraid to fight in a war.

I wasn't part of the aforementioned survey, but had I'd been, I would have been part of the dissenting 10 percent. It does not take a national war effort to dismantle the Taliban and
destroy Osama bin Laden and his cronies.

If we are such an advanced nation, why couldn't the al-Qaida be destroyed via intelligence groups and small-scale military operations? We have already killed civilians in this
war campaign, which brings us parallel to the al-Qaida network, which took innocent civilian lives as well.

But most importantly, I'm not going to call for a war and staggeringly support a cause in which I would not serve. Those screaming for an "eye for an eye" form of justice have
sucked the dissenting population into this funnel of a war. Your screams have been heard, and it is now your war to fight. Now stand by your beliefs.

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