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Malone's first exhibit premieres at Blaffer

By Keitha Johnson
Daily Cougar Staff

For the past 18 years, Tierney Malone has lived and worked in the Third Ward community, which surrounds UH.

However, his new exhibit at the Blaffer Gallery will mark the first time his solo work has been shown in a major museum exhibition.

My Favorite Things and Other Rent Party Songs: New and Classic Works will debut Saturday at the Blaffer.

The gallery's latest installment will run concurrently with its other exhibition, Spirits of the Cloth: Quilts by African American Artists, which is already on view.

Both shows feature the work of African-American artists and represent the diversity Blaffer likes to bring to its audiences.

In his work, Malone draws heavily from the world of music -- especially jazz. While creating his art he often listens to music for inspiration.

Malone says he considers the music to be his soundtrack, but he wants viewers to hear their own soundtrack when enjoying his artwork.

You can see the influence of all facets of art in his work.

He uses musicians, literary figures, song titles and literature as his subjects, paying homage to the people and things that have inspired him.

The exhibition is multimedia, using everything from photographs to sketches to mural-sized paintings.

It is also site-specific, meaning the paintings and other artworks were created directly on the walls of the gallery.

This also means that Malone created the exhibition specifically with the Blaffer in mind.

This eclectic show will benefit anyone who loves art and diversity.

In 1995, Malone collaborated with fellow local artists Dave Darraugh and David McGee on a piece of art called The Ruins. The exhibit, constructed in DiverseWorks' gallery,
was described by the Houston Chronicle as "a multistage theater in which the protagonist is the individual visitor."Malone's work will run until Dec. 21 on the second floor of the
Blaffer Gallery in UH's Fine Arts building.

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