Tuesday, October 30, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 49


UH needs a faster Internet connection

Justin Sklar
Guest Columnist

I have been a student at UH for almost three semesters and am overall very satisfied with the school. This fall, I decided to move in to the residence halls on campus to avoid commuting to school every day. I ended up in Bates Hall, and was excited to move in. However, the minute I hooked into the school network, I knew it was going to be a long sophomore year.

As I am writing this, I am still attempting to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view notes for one of my classes.

After receiving a newsletter in my mailbox a few weeks ago stating the network was going to be upgraded, I was excited to see the changes that were going to be
made. Unfortunately, the network is now worse than ever.

I must admit that if you are trying to view Web pages or check your e-mail, the network is speedy. But once you try to download email from a mail server, or download
a file via File Transfer Protocol, be ready for a long and painful process. To this day it takes me 10 minutes to receive messages off my Web site's e-mail server.

I have been constantly trying to have my voice heard by the people at Information Technology; however, they seem to be deaf to students' cries. Countless posts
have been put on the IT forums stating problems with the network, looking for answers. Those answers have yet to be provided.

What is interesting is that a student who put up a message about enrollment, something not remotely related to IT, received a reply by a network administrator, of all
people, within two days. It's obvious the questions we ask about the network are not seen, or merely ignored. When I contacted the technicians at IT, I received a
reply that made me feel like a first grader -- that the servers I am downloading from are slow, or something is wrong with my computer. I know enough about this stuff
to know that's not the case.

Back on the weekend of Oct. 5, from what I can tell, the UH IT department placed a QoS on the router to the Internet. Basically, it sends out all regular Web page
traffic while queuing up all other Internet requests until there is room for them to go through. This explains the terrible speeds on anything other than Web pages we
have been experiencing since the "upgrade."

No upgrade was made to the network, just a work-around to patch the broken service that is our UH residence hall Internet access. I received better performance out
of my $10-a-month dialup service at home.

I pay a lot of money to stay on campus, and I see that computer service charge on my fee bill. I'm still trying to figure out where my money is actually going.

Sklar, a sophomore computer
science major, can be reached via dccampus@mail.uh.edu.

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