Tuesday, August 28, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 5

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Baby, the rain must fall - Sports administration senior Rodney Griffin hopes to finish mowing the lawn of John M. O'Quinn Field at Robertson
Stadium in preparation for the Bayou Bucket game against Rice before Sunday's thunderstorms.


When Tropical Storm Allison slammed into the University of Houston, the hardest-hit building on campus was the UH Law Center, particularly the John M. O'Quinn Law Library.

Start counting down now, folks. Sept. 28, 2000 is the date historians years from now will mark as the beginning of the current round of
Israeli-Palestinian hostilities.

This summer, just like every other, offered a number of high-budget films wishing to be remembered as the film that defined the summer of 2001.

Inside the Lines is a look from within the world of college athletics, written by student athletes. Players from different programs will contribute every week, giving their perspective on game preparations, weekly routines and life as student athletes. Today soccer player Laura Repp offers her take on the team and the start of their season.


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