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Tuesday, August 28, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 5



Film stars suffer bad summer

This summer, just like every other, offered a number of high-budget films wishing to be remembered as the film that defined the summer of 2001.

Third installment of 'Bloody Roar' series makes premiere on PS2

In the Bloody Roar series, the fighting game scenario is true to form; pick your character, fight a number of opponents, and then beat the final
game boss.

Bell & Sebastion member leads side band on melodic second album

UH will be receiving a change of scenery in the next weeks with the installation of new signs and maps, designed to make navigation on campus easier. 

Hip - hop and funk beats find way onto The Crystal Method's new album

In the garage-turned-studio of the Glendale, Calif. home of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, the duo that makes up the techno-based sound of
The Crystal Method, a second album has stirred up.

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