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Inside the Lines

By Laura Repp

Inside the Lines is a look from within the world of college athletics, written by student athletes. Players from different programs will contribute
every week, giving their perspective on game preparations, weekly routines and life as student athletes. Today soccer player Laura Repp offers
her take on the team and the start of their season.

The team is back! After a long summer the women's soccer team is back and stronger than ever.

We opened our training camp on a typical humid and hot August morning along the Houston bayous. If that wasn't a horrid enough way to begin
a new season, the dreaded Cooper made up for it. 

For those of you who don't know what the dreaded Cooper is, it's a running test we do prior to our first practice every year. We're expected to run
two miles in twelve minutes.

I am happy to say that the whole team did extremely well, but the best news for us seniors is that we'll never have to run it again.

The following day we packed some gear and headed for the woods for some time together.

This year we decided to get away from Houston and really bond with each other. That may be a tired cliché, but team chemistry is important for a
winning program.

Our preseason was at T Bar M sports camp in New Braunfels. Although our most important issue was training, the experience was enlightening
and fun.

The team, all 20 of us, worked extremely hard each and every practice. I definitely noticed a big change in the team.

For one, we have depth. Can you believe it?

I remember my freshman year, when the program first started, we had only 15 girls on the roster. Fifteen girls that had, and still have, a lot of
heart. That will pay off this year because we have 12 seniors who play with passion, and that's what makes our team strong and deep.

Depth is as important in soccer as in any other team sport.

We literally have first- and second-string players in every position, and in some positions we have enough players for a third string.

But I wouldn't necessarily consider our depth as "strings." We simply have girls who have a "coachable" mindset who listen, learn and react to all
the situations on the field.

That's another reason this team's chemistry is different this year. Everyone is and has become extremely "coachable."

The five "freshheads" have really gelled with our team. They all brought excellent attitudes and a lot of talent to our team!

The team is very in shape, too. It appears everyone worked hard over the summer to stay in shape and get ready for our season.

The most important quality we have is heart.

Speaking for the seniors, I can assure you that this is the year. This is the year for us to capture the beautiful Conference USA trophy and rings.

For most of us seniors, this is our last chance to experience true victory in our college soccer careers.

The Fall 2001 season is a season for victory. Come support us when we open the season versus Army at 7 p.m. Sunday here at John O'Quinn

Then, on Tuesday, we travel to Rice to play the Owls at 7 p.m. 

This is a game you must attend. Rice is an old rival and our ex-coach is now a Rice Owl. See you there.

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